Poplin is the first pre-pregnancy wellness company for couples built by experts in the field.

We empower conceiving couples to take control of their pre-pregnancy journey with our step-by-step preparation process, starting with pre-pregnancy wellness lab testing.

Poplin was born out of the experiences of our team of clinicians.


In our practices, we continually saw women who were actively trying to conceive, had multiple visits with their doctors and yet had never received anything more than a recommendation to start prenatal vitamins.

We also saw many women that only found out once they struggled to conceive or once they got pregnant that they had medical problems that could have been prevented or managed beforehand.

We realized that women were getting insufficient guidance because healthcare providers are not trained in preconception care.

That's where Poplin's expertise comes in.


We are building the new pre-pregnancy standard - and it all starts with figuring out your pre-pregnancy wellness baseline.

We did the
legwork so you
don't have to.

But, if you're the type that wants to dig into the research too, here is a 3-part study that highlights the importance of preconception care:

Before the beginning:

nutrition and lifestyle in the preconception
period and its importance for future health

Origins of lifetime health

around the time of conception:
causes and consequences

Intervention strategies

to improve nutrition and health
behaviours before conception